Fertility and Physical Health

Planning for a Healthy Baby

Taking time to detox and to maximise the physical health of both partners, significantly increases the level of fertility and the chances of healthy natural conception, pregnancy and birth. This is especially important with late pregnancies, as there has been longer for toxins to accumulate.

This information is from Foresight, The Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care

The Basic Plan

For six months prior to the intended conception both partners :

  1. Eat a wholefood diet, free from dangerous additives, and organically produced wherever possible.
  2. Use a water filter
  3. Use natural family planning (fertility awareness) with abstention or barrier methods during the fertile period of six days prior to and including the day of ovulation.
  4. Have a mineral analysis done and follow the programmes of supplementation and cleansing as indicated. Retest to make sure toxic metals have been cleansed and levels of minerals optimised.
  5. Check for rubella, toxoplasmosis, allergies, malabsorbtion and candida albicans, and have any immunisation, treatment or special diet advised.
  6. Have an examination to check for genito-urinary infection. If there is infection, both partners should be treated. Retest after treatment.
  7. Avoid the use of organophosphate pesticides in the home and avoid anything treated with pesticides.
  8. Eliminate alcohol, smoking and all non-essential medication and check that any necessary drugs are not contra-indicated during pregnancy.
  9. Read "Planning for a Healthy Baby" ISBN 0-09-179029-8 available from Foresight
  10. Contact Foresight at the above address for information and help regarding wholefood diet and additives to avoid, natural family planning, mineral analysis, and health checks.

The Evidence for Preconception Care

367 couples enrolled on a Foresight Preconception Programme between1990-92. The women were aged 22-45 and the men were aged 25-59.

Before the the treatment programme began,

90% of the men and 60% of the women regularly drank alcohol
45% of the men and 57% of the women smoked

Of the 357 couples
217 (59%) had suffered infertility for 1-10 years
139 (38%) had histories of 1-5 miscarriages

most of the men were found to have reduced sperm quality
154 (42%) male partners had a semen analysis of infertility

Of the babies born to these couples prior to treatment on the Foresight programme
11 were stillborn
40 were small for dates
15 were low birth weight
7 were malformed
3 died of sudden infant death syndrome

Follow up in 1993

327 (89%) of the women had become pregnant.
Of the couples with fertility problems, 175 (86%) had achieved healthy pregnancies.

There were 327 children born, 137 boys and 190 girls

all were healthy and well developed at birth

all were born at between 36 and 41 weeks gestation

there were no multiple pregnancies

none were malformed

none had to receive special care

Foresight, The Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care
28 the Paddock, Godalming, Surrey.GU71XD
website: www.foresight-preconception.org.uk

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