The beginning of a new life is a complex and miraculous process.The first cells of conception are already sensitive and aware. Research shows that the foundation of our physical and mental health is laid down in the womb. Our bodies remember our whole story. Reverberations from very early experiences can deeply affect us as adults, even though we may be unaware of this. There is a strong correlation between past medical and care practices, which did not respect babies as people, and the social and emotional distress common in society today.

New risks are now being taken with conception. We do not know the long term effects of the widespread use of medical fertility techniques. These may be creating an unwanted legacy for future generations.

picture of conception

New Beginnings: Conception

this baby was called into being,
sparked by the fire of passion,
the natural loving union of its mother and father.
a shoal of sperm
swimming knowingly against the current,
finding in the dark and deep, the egg.
one was welcomed and invited in.
the tiny conceptus tumbling
into the soft secret cavern of the womb,
chose a place to implant and take root.

this baby was conceived in the clinical light of a laboratory
under a microscope
and the dispassionate spying eye of a scientific technician.
the egg extracted from the mother’s ovary,
adrift in a dish.
the sperm ejaculated and immobilised
injected into the stranded egg.
the fertilised cell divides and divides again.
it is split, each cell separated,
clones frozen,
tiny beings cut off from life,
from the flow of the breath,
the beat of the heart,
the warmth of the mother’s body.
suddenly thawed,
returned to the welcoming waiting womb,
this baby is growing.
this baby knows its parents want it
yet each cell carries awareness
of the powerlessness, the coldness of conception.
each cell holds the experience of being frozen and abandoned,
cut off from life.

Lesley Downie

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