In the Womb

an odyssey

following a narrow streamimage of foetus and placenta
travelling on tendrils
wafted by weeds
at one with the flow,
I have come into being.

tumbling out
into huge spaciousness,
a vast soft cavern,
I find a place to burrow in.
to take root and grow
a seed in the earth.

In a bubble of fluid
I am floating,
finding form,
curling, stretching, spiralling,
a waterborne astronaut,
my cord, a lifeline.

like a sensitive receiver
my cells pick up messages
transmitted from the outer world.
do I open to life or defend myself
am I welcome nourished, carried with love
or in a toxic place, starved and rejected.

I twist, turn, smile, frown, kick, rest and play,
a dance of movement and growth.

slowly life changes
where there was space, now confines.
the place of floating freedom
becomes a tight caress.

enclosed and trapped
I push and feel resistance
toning my muscles,
building my power.

these prison walls are crushing me.
I cant survive in here.

I must escape.

I am

for a new journey.

Lesley Downie

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