A Bigger Picture


picture of stars and the lifeforce

When a star dies it seeds the world, and the whole of humanity, with billions of subatomic particles.

In 1987 the death of a star was seen and recorded from an observatory in Chile. The day before this exploding supernova was photographed, a huge neutrino detector in Japan picked up powerful pulses of neutrinos from that same star, passing through the earth. Stellar particles from distant galaxies are constantly passing through our bodies before travelling on, 50 to 70 light years, into space. As neutrinos pass through, (3 trillion per square inch per second), they affect us and are in turn influenced by us.


each of us
a tiny cell
in the life of the Earth
this planet but a cell
in the vast communication system
of the Universe

stardust from distant galaxies
travelling through us
and journeying on
giving and receiving
seeding the Earth and all of life

each of us
a microscopic mirror
in a gigantic information field
a tiny exclamation mark
in the web
of a cosmic story

Lesley Downie


We are born from water and our bodies are largely made up of water molecules.

Water carries memory and connects all of life. When given blessings and loving thoughts, water molecules become well ordered and can produce beautiful ice crystals. Water subjected to harsh or hateful messages can hardly produce ice crystals at all. Most of the water molecules in the body, are not floating free. They are aligned and bound to surfaces. They have the special property of being able to send messages faster than the speed of light, by Jump Conduction. The messages we carry in the water of our bodies, can be transformed by thoughts. Positive thoughts support health by increasing water coherence at a molecular level. When the water molecules are coherent in the body, this fluid crystalline structure can create rainbows from light.

Birthing the Spirit

Life breathing free
letting go softly
opening to the unknown.
Life breathing free
sighing, sounding
calling your spirit home.

breathing out
each breath
a deep surrender.
breathing out
each breath
a letting go.

Life breathing free
expanding, dissolving
returning to oneness.
Life breathing free
birthing the spirit
melts into lightness.

Lesley Downie

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