Caring for the Future


The foundation of peace and sustainability is the capacity to love ourselves, each other and the world. To transform the culture of fear and violence, we need to nourish the roots of love from the very beginning of life.

image of hands holding the earthBy offering babies the support they need to resolve early difficulties and to complete or repattern their birth, we give them the opportunity to heal and to reach their full potential.

By letting babies know they are welcomed and accepted just as they are, with all of their feelings, we help them to be loving and true to themselves as they grow and relate in the world.

By honouring the natural processes of conception, gestation and birth, and nurturing the bond between mother and baby, we support the first relationship as a basis for all future relationships.

By acknowledging and owning our own feelings and transforming restrictive life patterns we can change how we relate to ourselves, to the world and to our children.

By watching, listening and learning from babies, we can rediscover who we really are, and remember our connectedness to all that is.


who am I
when no-one is looking

sometimes an intrepid explorer
sometimes a passionate campaigner
sometimes a howling infant longing to be heard

I look at life and I see beauty
I look at nature, I feel acceptance and trust
I look at the universe and feel connected, supported, nurtured
a sense of wonder

then I look at people and ask why?

why when we are provided with so much
do we fight and fear and hate
why do we hurt each other
blame and shame and wage war

always I come back to the beginning of life
to the pain of generations of babies
whose cries were never really heard
whose protests were not believed
neglected, tortured, and abandoned
because we did not believe their truth
blinded by science and deafened by myths
myths about birth
myths about babies
myths about who we really are

always I come back to
generations of babies
generations of suffering
generations of people in pain

I come back to myself
and listen

sometimes an intrepid explorer
sometimes a passionate campaigner
sometimes a howling infant longing to be heard

welcome whatever is there,
just as it is
trust it,
be with it,
honour it

the world is within me

in the stillness,
a sense of wonder

Lesley Downie

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