Birth and the Blueprint


All of the stages of natural development are within us, carried in the body, in the memories of our cells. When conception and gestation have been stressful or required medical intervention, or if a natural, drug free labour and vaginal delivery has not been possible, important developmental steps may be disrupted and incomplete.
We need to reconnect to the blueprint within us, to heal. We need to fully embody the natural stages of development, to maximise our potential for movement, for health, for life.


The natural process of birth has many subtle and important functions which affect the baby physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

PHYSICAL:  labour and birth stimulate the whole of the body structure, energising and priming all the body systems, for life in air.

MENTAL:  labour is an opportunity for mother and baby to work together. The achievement of a natural birth can be empowering for the baby, setting a positive pattern for how the child will cope with important changes and life challenges.

EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL:  the contractions of labour are designed to bring the baby into body, to be born in a heightened state of awareness. The natural release of love hormones at birth, then supports the first contact of mother and baby and helps establish bonding.

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