Timely medical interventions during pregnancy and childbirth do prevent loss of life, however recent research shows that they are often traumatic for the baby, and can leave a legacy of physical and psychological distress. Hearing and acknowledging a baby’s distress, may be painful, but it is a necessary step for healing. This is where holistic treatments, like Craniosacral therapy and Homeopathy, have much to offer.  Only when society truly honours the baby’s experience, will these treatments become freely available, for all newborn babies and their mothers.

New Beginnings: Birth

this baby,
helped by it’s mother,
slowly pushed itself through the tight place of the birth canal
out into the world
and was quietly, gently, lovingly, welcomed.
this baby lay, peacefully recovering on it’s mother’s belly
as the cord stopped pulsing.
this baby felt the warmth of it’s mother’s body,
heard the familiar rhythm of her heartbeat,
smelled the natural scent of her skin,
gazed into her eyes and knew it belonged.

this baby’s world was ripped open by the surgeon’s knife.
this baby was suddenly gripped by big hands in rubber gloves
pulled out backwards through a gash in it’s mother’s belly.
this baby’s senses were assaulted
by bright lights and harsh metallic noises.
this baby gasped as it’s life line was severed.
this baby was dizzy with anaesthetic drugs.
this baby was held upside down till it cried out in pain,
tender joints, weightless in the womb,
suddenly stretched by gravity.
this baby was washed, weighed, measured,
suctioned, heel pricked, tested and abandoned,
while it’s mother’s belly was stitched.
nobody knew
that this baby felt frightened, angry and in pain.
this baby felt lost in all the world.

Lesley Downie

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