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By Geetam

As a fellow Craniosacral therapist I have supported the Babyproject and I offered my help when Lesley was looking for someone to help her create this website. My role was limited, because the big job was to create the material: the text, the poems and the drawings.

While working with the material, I became more and more familiar with it - in a way from the corner of my eye, while working on the internet publishing aspects - I became much more familair with it then when I had read it once or twice. Some of what Lesley says, can sound controversial, but I strongly believe that Lesley has good grounds for feeling it that way. We do not have to agree with everything she says, but we should give it some thought - a new life depends on it!

I admire Lesley that she has been able to express her views and feelings that she has formed on the basis of her experience - her work as a complementary health practitioner has made her aware of what goes on in the 'mind' of a young life.

Working with this material has given me a very deep insight in the early stages of human life, before and after birth. I always considered the foetus and the baby are human beings, with feelings and experiences. Lesley's work has made it much more alive for me. This is a human being and she/he deserves our respect. The development of this human being is affected by every little thing we do and how we treat it. Is it acceptable to man-handle something so precious? Is it right to think that we (I, you, your doctor, the midwife) know better then nature? Let the love of the new life speak to you and let your love guide you.

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