Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a deeply healing whole body treatment which is safe and effective for newborn babies and their mothers.

How we come into the world can set a pattern for our lives. Unresolved difficulties from this important time can be the root cause of physical and mental health problems in later life.

By offering babies the support they need to heal,
we can free them to reach their full potential.

For babies, Craniosacral therapy is a profoundly healing treatment, which helps babies to recover from their experience of arriving in the world. It is effective in resolving early difficulties with feeding, colic, breathing, crying, constipation and sleep.
The Craniosacral practitioner offers sensitive support through touch, watching for the baby's signals and following their lead. Treatment is a co-operative interaction and exploration and with mobile infants the session may include play and birth games.
When processing birth and early trauma, babies may need to cry during the session to release stress and to let us hear their story. They may also need to move in strange ways as they unwind and complete their birth journey.

Babies can sense and mirror tensions in the mother so it may be helpful for her to receive treatment too.

For mothers, Craniosacral therapy can be helpful while preparing for conception, as well as throughout pregnancy and after giving birth. Receiving Craniosacral treatment is a supportive way to nurture the body during the natural changes of becoming a mother. It is also a gentle yet powerful way to resolve any tensions held in the body from difficulties that may have arisen during this time.

The treatment

Using sensitive touch on the clothed body the practitioner listens and responds to deep patterns and rhythms within the client, releasing tension and easing restrictions by supporting the body's own power to heal itself. This subtle and gently healing holistic treatment is client led with the body setting the priorities. It is effective for a wide range of conditions, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Craniosacral treatment complements and deepens the effectiveness of other treatments, by supporting the body's natural self healing capacity, bringing the whole system into balance. 

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